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Why  register  to

Registering to will enable you to take advantage of the following online services:

  • Access to subscription-based reporting that provides detailed parking information for cost control, in support of parking ticket defense, or other needs.
  • Protection of your TISPARK device against theft or loss; by registering your unit online you can immediately make an online request to block or mark your unit as lost or stolen. Otherwise, you will have to personally visit our office to provide the original purchase and personal identification documents to block your lost, or stolen TISPARK device.
  • Access to configure and use your TISPARK Mobile account.
  • Access to our Knowledge Base that provides detailed insight into the use of the TISPARK device and related services.
  • Timely access to information about changes to the TISPARK service or any special promotions.
  • Online Top Up of your TISPARK Meter.
  • Online Top Up TISPARK Mobile application.
How to register my Parkingmeter?

After registering to TISPARK (see above) select the icon "My Parkingmeter" and enter the eight digit TISPARK number shown on the upper part of your device together with the date of the purchase, invoice number, place of purchase and any additional information required. Then select "Enter" to register your device.

Note: Each TISPARK device has a unique number and cannot be registered twice. So, if you are registering a second-hand purchased device, please ensure that the seller of the meter releases the TISPARK meter from their registered account.


How to register my TISPARK Mobile Account?

Once you are registered to TISPARK, select the TISPARK Mobile icon and follow the Mobile account set up procedures outlined on our website. Click here for more information or contact our office.

How to use TISPARK Mobile?

By registering to TISPARK from this site (or if you are already registered to a Parkingmeter) users can also pay for the parking using TISPARK Mobile in areas allowing paid parking using TISPARK Mobile (to see areas where you can use TISPARK Mobile click here).

To park using TISPARK Mobile, customers MUST display the complementary TISPARK Mobile sticker on the left-hand side of their windscreen to ensure parking wardens are aware they are using TISPARK Mobile application and thereby avoid a parking penality.

There are two ways to pay for parking using TISPARK Mobile:

  1. using our TISPARK Mobile SMS service.
  2. using our TISPARK Mobile smartphone application.
STEP 1 - Register to TISPARK Mobile

Register to TISPARK using our standard registration process access which you will find on our home page at

Note: Before registering please set your Internet browser preferences to accept third-party cookies when using TISPARK'S website.

Once you have registered to TISPARK, go to "My TISPARK Mobile" and set up your mobile parking preferences:

  • License plate number(s) (LPN's)
  • Mobile phone number(s) and default License Plate Number(s)
  • Select the appropriate subscription package
  • Ensure SMS reminders are turned on and have the desired reminder interval

Note: Your mobile phone number will be your identifier when you call our service to pay-by-phone and a PIN will be assigned to your pay-by-phone account to allow you to park using an unregistered mobile, or other number. In addition, a PIN will be automatically assigned to each License Plate Number (LPN) registered to allow you to change the license plate number or vehicle for parking.

STEP 2 - Top Up Your TISPARK Mobile Account

Like TISPARK Meter, TISPARK Mobile is a prepaid service. To use this service you must first top up your TISPARK Mobile account. To top up your account:

  • Go to "My TISPARK Mobile application"
  • On the dashboard, enter the top up amount you wish to add to your account
  • Select "Pay with Credit/Debit Card"
  • Enter your credit/debit card details

Note: You can also top up your TISPARK Mobile account directly from your mobile phone using our TISPARK Mobile smartphone application.

STEP 3 - Start Mobile Parking

As noted above, there are two ways to park using TISPARK Mobile:


Text our mobile service number +355 69 40 40 888

  • Enter "Start" and "City Zone" for hourly parking. For example: Veledin Kollozi Street parking = "Start 4"
  • For daily parking zones, enter X number of day(s), "Start", plus zone numbers.
BTISPARK Mobile Application for Smartphone (CLICK)

Open your TISPARK Mobile application on your phone:

  1. Enter your username and password.
  2. Select zone.
  3. If using a daily parking zone, enter the number of days to park.
  4. Confirm the parking parameters you selected.

Note: The TISPARK Mobile application also provides SMS confirmation of start times for Text methods, in addition to an option to set a reminder for the parking session’s expiration time. Parking wardens have remote access to the TISPARK Mobile parking system in order to fulfill their compliance function(s).

STEP 4 - End Mobile Parking

Where you do not intend to park for the entire duration of a parking zone’s time limit, you can stop the parking session and consequently, as with the Parkingmeter, you can save money by only paying for the time you park. 


Text our mobile service number +355 69 40 40 888 and by using your dial pad:

  1. Enter "Stop"
B. TISPARK Mobile Application for Smartphone (CLICK)

Open your TISPARK Mobile application on your phone:

  1. Press "Finish"