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The mobile phone is commonly viewed as the wallet of the future. Consequently, our solution is the newest product, TISPARK Mobile. It has all the benefits of a TISPARK meter, but allows customers to pay for the parking by using their mobile phones in two different ways:

  • Pay-by-SMS - by using short message texting (SMS) you are able to start and end the parking session.
  • Pay-by-Smart Phone application - by using a smart phone application you are able to start and end parking sessions, as well as access your location and other services.

For both of these TISPARK Mobile application options, the salient parking identity is the end user's license plate number(s) and telephone number(s). Your parking activity is registered in a virtual parking account and therefore it is unnecessary to display anything on your vehicle other than the TISPARK Mobile application.


TISPARK Mobile Smartphone  Application

The TISPARK Mobile application can be used with two mobile phone operating systems: Android and Apple. The requirements for Android and Apple mobile phones are as follows:



Required Android operating system 1.6 or higher. Click here to download the TISPARK Mobile App in the Google Play Store.



Required iOS operating system 5 or higher. The TISPARK Mobile App is available on the iPhone 3G, 3Gs, 4, iPod Touch and iPad.  Download the TISPARK Mobile App for free using iTunes.


Note: Before downloading the TISPARK Mobile application, you must register to TISPARK on this website.

For the customers who do not have an Apple or Android smartphone, you can still use your phone to park through our SMS service.

See (here) for more information -> (How to use TISPARK Mobile).


 If this link does not work, please go directly to Google Play Store, or iTunes App Store (whichever is appropriate) on your smartphone and search for "TISPARK Mobile" to download the parking application.


How to use the TISPARK mobile application

The TISPARK application gives users an easy solution for the payment of the parking fee by just using a smartphone. The users must have internet access on their smartphone and must be registered to use the program. This registration can be done directly from the mobile phone, or from our website.

In order to start with the registration, you must first insert the name and password. Then you must confirm the phone number with which you are registered. You then choose the parking area and the time you will stay parked and press the green button “Fillo”, which stands for START.

The user can extend parking time via the "Zgjero Parkim" button, and also set a reminder for the completion of the parking process.
So that you can finish with the parking process, press the red button "Përfundo" when you get back to the vehicle.

The TISPARK application offers the possibility for the user to add up to five license plates to their account. The Application enables you to also localize parked vehicle via GPS, "Shko te makina."

You can check the parking payment history and also the settings of the application, as well as the parking reloaded time via the "Llogaria ime” button.

The TISPARK application will charge you per minute, only for the time you spend parked. The application will automatically turn off when the official parking time is finished.

When the credit is not sufficient, you can reload your account safely from home, via one of the methods listed below:

  • By Debit Card - Union Bank
  • By PayLink

To reload the application directly from your computer you first need to be identified from our servers and then go to the Main Menu and select “Llogaria ime” and choose “Shto Kredit from the account details.

Then you set the debit card details or the PayLink credentials and the online payment will be processed.


Our servers will generate the corresponding report, which has the layout and all the elements of a tax bill. This report is stored on our servers, in specific online customer accounts and will appear as a detail in the statement account of the client.


Our system is transparent and offers both safety and confidentiality of customer data on our servers, they are protected under the applicable law On the protection of personal data.