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TISPARK is the right solution for the citizens and the city. It offers an appropriate and convenient system and it helps maintain the streets infrastructure for a long period of time. TISPARK company introduces a service that can be applied and easily used by the users. TISPARK manages the parking system in the city of Vlora and enables you to pay for the parking fee in four different ways. One of the most convenient ways to pay the parking fee is using  the Parkingmeter.This device offers an electronic payment system that provides benefits for drivers, operators and municipalities.

The advantages of TISPARK electronic service includes:
Driver's  advantages:
  • One parking device for multiple cities
  • Economical - pays only for actual time parked
  • Easy to use - no need to get out of the car to pay, no need for exact change/coins
  • The receipt provides proof of parking activity
  • Easy to operate - activation in less than 10 seconds
Citizen's advantages:
  • Effective Cost - low initial investment, minimal maintenance expense, electronic transfer of funds
  • Eliminates fraud, vandalism and reduces cash handling expenses
  • Eco friendly - eliminates use of paper
  • Complementary to existing parking systems
  • Highest data protection security level

If you are a citizens seeking more information on the implementation of our solution or a private entity looking to become a partner with TISPARK in Albania, please contact us: Phone: +355 69 40 40 888 | e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.