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How to use the Parkingmeter


You can pay for your parking by using the Parkingmeter, but first you have to load the device with credit and then follow these simple steps:


STEP 1 - Turn  the Parkingmeter On

Press "ON"

The display will show your remaining credit balance available for parking.

Note: Make sure you have sufficient credit for the time you want to park in the city/zone based on the parking rate.


STEP 2 - Select the city and area for parking

Press "ON" again

The display will flash the city code.

Using the arrow buttons, select the city where you are parking. The device is automatically pre-set to the code of the city where you last parked.


STEP 3 - Select the Parking Zone

Press "ON" again

Having selected the city or other parking authority, on the right of the display next to the zone selected, the code for the parking zone will flash.

Using the arrow buttons, select the zone where you are parking. For convenience, the device is automatically pre-set to the zone where you last parked.

Approximately 10 seconds after selecting the zone for parking, the device automatically switches to parking mode "On", and displays the code of the zone, date and the time your parking period ends. From this point on you start to pay for your parking. While it is in parking mode, the Parkingmeter emits a "beep" every minute to let you know that it is active (useful to remind you to shut it down when you get back to your vehicle).

Each other parking area has a maximum parking time limit. At the end of the maximum parking time, the device will show "EXPT" (expired time).

Note: When you select wrong zone at any stage, press "OFF" and start again from step 1.


STEP 4 - Displaying the Parkingmeter

Once the Parkingmeter is in parking mode, hang the device inside the window (preferably on the street curb side) of your car with the display facing outwards to ensure traffic officers can easily see that you paid for the parking.