Smartphone App

Download TISPARK application for your smartphone.



Book a Parkingmeter


Where to load your Parkingmeter device


Your device can be loaded on the authorized centers which will have the TISPARK logo, or directly from the installed program on your computer.

After loading your device you will be given a receipt.

While you are loading your Parkingmeter device the list of the streets and that of the rates will be automatically refreshed on your device.


Online top up Guide

Follow these steps to load value to your Parkingmeter using your computer:

1. Go to your Program "JAVA"

2. Log on to your account

3. Connect the "USB" cord to your Parkingmeter and your PC.

Please ensure your device shows "USB". If not shown, check for the correct installation of the device driver.

Note: Do not disconnect your Parkingmeter device until the end of the online top up process.

4. Select "Next" or "Start", and wait until the online top up "JAVA" applet is shown as initialized.

5. The system then shows the balance on your Parkingmeter.

6. Select the amount you wish to top up

7. Enter your payment details: name, card number, expiry date and CSC

8. Confirm details for payment

9.The online top up system will then load the desired amount to your Parkingmeter and generate a receipt showing the updated balance

10. Disconnect your Parkingmeter and turn it on to ensure the correct amount has been loaded.