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The Parkingmeter is the best way to pay for your parking

The Parkingmeter is the most convenient way to pay for your parking fee. By using the Parkingmeter you pay per minute, this way you save money and time. It frequently happens that you cannot calculate the time spent doing something, making it impossible to calculate the time spent parked. If you do not want to waste more time looking for a place where to buy a ticket, you can use the Parkingmeter and pay directly from your car.


The device will only charge you for the streets and the official timetable the paid parking system is applied; your device will turn off automatically as soon as the official timetable comes to an end, without any efforts from your part to go and turn it off. The Parkingmeter will start charging you again only during the official timetable set for the paid parking. If you have run out of parking credit, the device offers you 30 minutes extra time (charging off these 30 minutes when you load the device again), not letting you get a penalty during this time. The Parkingmeter is a device that offers you a paid parking service, so you can recharge your device with the necessary credit and you can load it with up to 20.000 ALL.


Advantages of using Parkingmeter:

  •       Save Money
  •       Save Time
  •       Online Top Up
  •       Avoids Penalties
  • Simply device with 4 buttons
  • The only device for all the users of vehicle
  • Simply and easy to use