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The Parkingmeter is the simplest way to pay for your parking. By using this device you pay per minute, only for the time spent parked. The Parkingmeter is a simple and safe device to use.  It has got an LCD display with four buttons:

  • The ON button used to turn on the device, confirm the area and start the parking
  • The Arrow buttons up and down ▼ used to choose the right area  
  • The OFF button used to stop the parking session and to turn off the device

The Parkingmeter is programmed in such a way that stops charging you in the end of the official parking time and starts charging you automatically the next day. The device notifies you when you are running out of credit.

In order to load the Parkingmeter you can go at the authorized points of sale by TISPARK or at the company's ticket office. To do so you should have your own account at the company, as well as a special application installed, which makes the connection and communication with the computer.Through the application installed on your computer, you may proceed with loading your device with credit by choosing the default amounts in the applications or by changing the amount. Upon completion of this transaction the company's servers generate the corresponding report, which has the shape and elements of the tax bill. This report is stored on the servers of our company and  will appear on your bank statement.

We protect the environment according to the written laws and follow a proper recycling process for the Parkingmeter devices that can no longer be used.

The recycle bin symbol put above the device or on the box shows that when the product can no longer be used, it should not be thrown away together with the other rubbish. The user should dispose of it by sending the Parkingmeter at the electronic device center that are different from the usual rubbish bins. The separated collection of this kind of rubbish, the usage and the recycling helps avoid negative effects on the environment and the public health. It is also favorable to recycling the material used for the production of these devices. Throwing this product away abusively from the user, is considered of being a violation.

(To see or download User Manual for Parkingmeter device click here).